Medical staff Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that we maintain our high performance levels, we expect that our Nurses comply with the following criteria which aims at providing high quality service to our clientele and increasing our Nurses skills and abilities to ensure further shifts.

In relation to shifts we greatly appreciate it if our Nurses would give us their availability 1 week in advance. You may do so by filling out the online form or by contacting us.

Medical staff will book you as per availability therefore make sure you stay available for dates you have provided.

For advance booking: Those staff who are only working with Medical staff will have priority over those who work with multiple agencies.

Availability commitment
After confirmation of a booked shift please give us plenty of notice if there is a need to cancel your shift, as this will place a great deal of pressure on the Nursing Unit Manager of the nominated hospital since they are busy with a lot of other work commitments. Furthermore it makes it difficult for the Hospitals to run smoothly if agency staff do not show a commitment to their work. Medical Staff nursing employees are required to show a high level of commitment ensuring that they are present at all shifts they are booked for. Commitment of our Nursing staff is an important factor.

Timesheets must be taken with you to your shift and must completed and sent back to us every week by Monday before 10:30am. This allows us to correctly identify and clarify any issues that may occur. You may download a copy of the timesheet for use from the Forms page. Make sure an authorised manager sign your timesheet for payment.

We expect that our staff present themselves in a professional manner whilst on a shift. Also we require that all staff ensure that they adhere to the Hospitals rules and regulations. Furthermore we expect our staff to give their best whilst at work and ensure that they represent our agency in a manner which portrays hard work and determination.

Code of Conduct
Medical Staff recruits only the most highly professional and skilled nurses available.  In addition to our Nurses treating their patients in a professional, caring and respectful manner, Medical Staff nurses are also required to work within the following guidelines:

1. Integrity. Conduct themselves in a professional manner in accordance with the standard guidelines for clinical practice

2. Behave Ethically.  Do not accept gifts or any monetary amount from a patient or client, or fail to disclose a patient / client's intention to make such a gift or item of monetary amount

3. Not permitted to witness any patient / client's personal documents such as a Will or Power of Attorney and  not permitted to be named as an Executor or beneficiary of a patient / client's Will or Testament

4. Punctuality. Before the commencement of each shift,  all nurses are expected to allow sufficient time to familiarise themselves with the layout of their work area and the safety rules and regulations of the hospital, ensuring they report to the person in charge

5.      Abide by the hospital's procedures and policies

6.      Familiarise themselves with the work place rules such as parking, meal breaks and rest areas

7.      Professional attitude. Establish and maintain a professional attitude and manner which is in keeping with the image of Medical Staff and which will enhance their own image and the nursing profession as a whole

8.      Satisfy the needs of Medical Staff's clients to the highest standard, based on their training and competence.   Client satisfaction is of the highest priority to Medical Staff

9.      Establish a professional relationship with fellow nurses and management so as to ensure the highest quality of patient care, thereby enhancing Medical Staff's image

10.   Ensure that for the whole duration of the shift , they comply with Medical Staff's Professional Code of Conduct, adhering to the rules and regulations of Medical Staff''s clients

11.   Ensure that all timesheets have been signed by the authorised person before leaving and sent to medical staff every Monday

12.   Smoking, considered unacceptable inside premises of many hospitals and facilities. Follow facility policy on smoking.

13.   Dress Code and Personal Hygiene. Ensure that the Medical Staff uniform code has been followed by wearing the uniform provided by Medical Staff and displaying their agency ID card at all times.  All uniforms must be clean and ironed,  and personal hygiene must be attended to. ID badge must be worn at all times.

14.   Whilst on a shift, current Registration Certificates will be in their possession at all times

15.   Whilst on duty, mobile phone use is prohibited.  Any usage should be made in strict accordance with hospital guidelines

16.   Confidentiality is required at all times, regarding medical staff operations, and those of their client's and patients personal details.

17.   Medical Staff Nursing Assistants are not allowed to administer medication in any form whatsoever

18.   Commitment. After accepting a shift, 100% commitment is expected from the Medical Staff Nurse.  If a Nurse needs to cancel a shift, 48 hours notice is required.  Additionally, if cancelling due to ill health, a certified copy of the Medical Certificate is required to be forwarded to the hospital and the original Certificate is to be forwarded to Medical Staff.  If cancellation of a shift is due to personal circumstances/accidents, written documentation must be provided to Medical Staff explaining the situation.  This documentation will be forwarded to the hospital

19.   In relation to late cancellations, Nurses may risk exclusion from our Agency list if no reasonable reason is provided.  This also applies to Nurses who accept shifts and fail to complete the shift or do not show up for the shift.  Punctuality, attendance and completion of a shift accepted by the Agency Nurse is taken seriously and any situations that arise will be dealt with accordingly.
UNIFORMS: Strict adherence to the clothing criteria outlined below must apply.  Medical Staff's uniform policy is based on:

         Medical Staff's corporate image
         Hospital clients' expectations regarding what  Medical Staff Agency Staff  wear, and
         Safety requirements.

Registered Nurses/ Enrolled Nurses:  Female Medical Staff personnel wear the Medical Staff shirt uniform, with black trousers.  For males, black trousers with the Medical Staff uniform.
AINs: Medical Staff AINs are required to wear black trousers with the blue uniform provided by Medical Staff.

All Staff: Shorts, tracksuit pants, jeans and cargo trousers are not acceptable.   Suitable duty shoes with enclosed toes are required.  Birkenstocks, joggers, sand-shoes and sandals are not acceptable footwear.   Sneakers, trainers and T-shirts are also not acceptable.

consumption of alcohol are considered unacceptable behaviour whether prior to, or at the time of bookings or when presenting for duty.  Nurses who are not willing or refuse to comply with the agency's Code of Conduct are compromising Medical Staff's reputation and are subject to immediate exclusion from our Agency list. Please ensure that the guidelines above are adhered to otherwise you may risk exclusion from our Agency.

Do not use mobile phone or any other type of social media while at work.